I am here to help you build STRONG CURVES AND CONFIDENCE!

If you need support and accountability and enjoy the comradery of training with others, then join our fitness community.

My classes are all about empowering women on their health and fitness journey- whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned trainer.

I am here to teach you how to train correctly for faster results while giving you the encouragement to train outside of your comfort zone.
Try out a class or do all 3 for a maximum fit-body.

Booty Builder and Leg Training Circuit
45-minute booty builder and leg training class where you will learn to properly activate and train your glutes for maximum strength and shape while building stronger legs. Beginners to advanced.

Full body strength and Conditioning circuit
45-minute full body strength and conditioning circuit aimed to build strength, endurance and shape. Beginners to advanced.

Calorie Killer Cardio circuit
30-minute cardio circuit with the aim to burn maximum calories and get your body conditioned to have a high level of fitness. Beginners to advanced.

Boot Camp
45-minute full body training which includes functional strength movements and cardio. This class is aimed at building overall strength and endurance while burning calories. Indoors in Winter and outdoors in Summer!

Calorie Killer Cardio $15

1 Class Per Week $20

2 Classes Per Week $35

3 Classes Per Week $52.50

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